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12 February 2013 @ 10:36 am
A lot has happened. I broke up with fatty, it was a mistake but staying would have been a mistake too. i moved in with a guy who would rather have a sick mangy mutt than a girlfriend. he dose not take care of his mutt, his dog needs to be walked to pee more than once a day, he feeds it one small handfull once a day and it has worms so that isnt even enough to keep the worms fed, he never waters it and it is lucky to get a coffee cup of water once a day. i told him to give his dog to his mom and let her take care of it since i hate dogs and hes too lazy to care for it. he wants to be a selfish child and keep the dog here to neglect it instead of letting his mom care for it properly and we could start having a happy healthy relationship without a dog in the way to cause all our fights.
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22 April 2010 @ 11:45 pm
I met some guys and i think they are cute but they only want to hump. one guy can hump like 7 times in just a few hours. it feels good when i have to pee. he thinks he has to impress me. i hit my head and i feel even dumber, oh well. i have been drinking too much but i said i would quit it but i doubt i will. my brother is still, he eats 7 times a day and he ate all my goldfish crackers! it was one of those huge 8 dollar boxes too damn it damn it damn it! there is a tornado watch but i have seen nothing but 2 rain drops. some people hate me for stupid reasons and it makes me want to go kill my self. if i wasnt so afraid of death i would slice my wrists just to watch my self bleed but im too much of a pussy to die. the reason i want to die is, the guy i thought loved me and i thought i loved him but after humping and dateing a few times he told me he wasnt intrested in me and was already in love with someone else and couldnt get over her, now thats some bull shit! why the hell would you go fucking and dateing if your in love? i cant believe that dildo jerk did that to me. i want to just give my self a deep cut somewhere just to ease the pain in my heart!
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02 September 2008 @ 12:49 am
The old lade got better and took over my new job so now im a loser again. I thought the old lady was nice but shes just a paranoid selfish bitch. i needed the phone number of the guy that ran the laundry mat i worked at to replace her for 2 weeks but the bitch wouldnt let me have it. She locked that back door so i couldnt get to the back room and write down his number he put there for all his employs. He was supposed to pay me today but of course he wasnt there when he should have been and i went back at closing time to get my check but he said he would let me have it tomorrow so now i have to go back a third time just to get payed money that should already have been given to me. I would have appreciated it if that bitch would have just let me have his number so i wouldnt have had to do all of those useless trips. what makes that even worse is its my birthday tomorrow and i will already have plenty of things to do including a doctor appointment. he wont even tell me what time i have to get my money.
16 August 2008 @ 10:42 pm
I got a job at the laundry mat. i get 30 dollars a day. the only things i hate about my new job is those Weirdos come in there wanting to talk to me but i cant understand a word they say because they are speaking spanish. and im sick of people calling up there wanting to know if someone is there. it is not for people to call unless it is about the laundry mat. i wish people would not give them the laundry mats number out thinking its their own phone for their friends to call whenever. im sick of people bringing their screaming babys in, they could at least try to calm it down but they just sit there and let it scream.
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03 August 2008 @ 05:46 pm
My brother moved back in here with me and our mom and dad. There is 4 rooms in this house, a kitchen, small bathroom, living room and my bed room. He kept sleeping on my bed and got it all sweaty and stinky because he never takes a bath, so i gave him my bed and sewed up a little cushion for me to sleep on my big white treasure chest, even with a bunch of stuffing it hurts my hips when i lay on it. He took over my playstation2 and keeps filling up my memory card with garbage games about killing people. I think I will just go traveling soon with my friend on foot and be homeless. I went to burger king today just to get a pokemon kid meal toy and the bastards were all sold out of pokemon toys and wouldnt give me a refund so i wasted my last bit of money for nothing but a little bit of over cooked food. Im so hot I forgot what else i wanted to say.
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25 July 2008 @ 10:25 pm
I stayed drunk for a whole week. I was drinking non stop and I started smoking to make it worse, I went to the hospital thinking i about killed my self because i got desprate enough to drink mouthwash for a couple of days. but they just gave me a huge bill and said I was crazy and tried to send me to some place where crazy people go. I was going to go but I didnt have a ride there and they found out I couldnt afford it it so they didnt let me go witch is stupid. people think money is more important than someones health and im sick of the hospital sending me lots of different letters complaining im takeing too long to pay them when they know it will take a whyle to pay all of that money to them. they send me a bill every week! do they think i will forget to make payments? i had a infection i forgot their fancy ass name for it but it means i might get kidney cancer if i dont get their expencive pills. I talked my dad into buying me the pills and now I have taken them. i cant find a ride to the doctor to check if its gone so if i still have it it will get worse and worse. i am not paying for another over priced doctor visit anyway!
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07 June 2008 @ 03:42 am
I went to a dumb little party down town and saw a guy dressed like elvis and I took my picture with him. I would like to dress in a fursuit and go places but there is never anything going on here that I would feel safe dressing as a furry. There was a free bus ride to a casino but I didnt want to wait there for 2 hours until the bus came back to pick me up, I would have wasted my last 20 dollars if I went there anyway. I went to my favorite bar and got energy drinks instead of alcohol. I cant stop drinking if I start. I ended up drinking when I got home but just 3 beers so far.
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24 May 2008 @ 05:31 pm

I have not been here for a very long time. I figured out my username on here and I cant believe its been 6 years from when I signed up. I dont like the name nieoko but I will use it. Im makeing furry heads out of old stuffed animals I found in trash cans and at yard sales. I have a white cat that looks mean and a pink wold or fox or dog, i havnt decyded what it is yet. and one just waiting for fur, I think it will be a dog. I made my boyfriend a greenish brown and tan wolf head. Hes not a furry he just tries to make me happy. I have 2 sets of furry feet with one being made and 2 sets of furry hands and two tails.

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16 March 2002 @ 03:48 am
i went to the thrift stores again to get my mom some skirts, she only got 3 or 4 and they were ugly. i was going to buy a jar shaped like a squirrel sitting on a nut but i accidentally dropped it and it shattered into pieces witch i didn't enjoy since i thought it was so cute. the peach came back and i hate it from now on because the worthless coward barked at biggy(my cat) for no reason, biggy is so brave he walks up to it even if it yaps its stupid mouth, if it comes here again hes going to get rocks thrown at it.
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13 March 2002 @ 01:33 am

the little peach came back again and my sister let it in our house for a while and we taught it bad table manners by feeding it when it looked at us. i diden't like what i had for supper so the peach got most of it, i hope it made him have gas when it went back to its real owner, something really funny happened to my cat is so tough he kept being territoryal so he started following it and when he got close he would scratch, he was probably thinking :get out of my house you gross drooling idiot!: biggy is such a brave kitty.
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