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25 July 2008 @ 10:25 pm
I Hurt  
I stayed drunk for a whole week. I was drinking non stop and I started smoking to make it worse, I went to the hospital thinking i about killed my self because i got desprate enough to drink mouthwash for a couple of days. but they just gave me a huge bill and said I was crazy and tried to send me to some place where crazy people go. I was going to go but I didnt have a ride there and they found out I couldnt afford it it so they didnt let me go witch is stupid. people think money is more important than someones health and im sick of the hospital sending me lots of different letters complaining im takeing too long to pay them when they know it will take a whyle to pay all of that money to them. they send me a bill every week! do they think i will forget to make payments? i had a infection i forgot their fancy ass name for it but it means i might get kidney cancer if i dont get their expencive pills. I talked my dad into buying me the pills and now I have taken them. i cant find a ride to the doctor to check if its gone so if i still have it it will get worse and worse. i am not paying for another over priced doctor visit anyway!
Current Mood: distresseddistressed