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02 September 2008 @ 12:49 am
The old lade got better and took over my new job so now im a loser again. I thought the old lady was nice but shes just a paranoid selfish bitch. i needed the phone number of the guy that ran the laundry mat i worked at to replace her for 2 weeks but the bitch wouldnt let me have it. She locked that back door so i couldnt get to the back room and write down his number he put there for all his employs. He was supposed to pay me today but of course he wasnt there when he should have been and i went back at closing time to get my check but he said he would let me have it tomorrow so now i have to go back a third time just to get payed money that should already have been given to me. I would have appreciated it if that bitch would have just let me have his number so i wouldnt have had to do all of those useless trips. what makes that even worse is its my birthday tomorrow and i will already have plenty of things to do including a doctor appointment. he wont even tell me what time i have to get my money.