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12 February 2013 @ 10:36 am
Im older now  
A lot has happened. I broke up with fatty, it was a mistake but staying would have been a mistake too. i moved in with a guy who would rather have a sick mangy mutt than a girlfriend. he dose not take care of his mutt, his dog needs to be walked to pee more than once a day, he feeds it one small handfull once a day and it has worms so that isnt even enough to keep the worms fed, he never waters it and it is lucky to get a coffee cup of water once a day. i told him to give his dog to his mom and let her take care of it since i hate dogs and hes too lazy to care for it. he wants to be a selfish child and keep the dog here to neglect it instead of letting his mom care for it properly and we could start having a happy healthy relationship without a dog in the way to cause all our fights.
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