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03 August 2008 @ 05:46 pm
My brother moved back in here with me and our mom and dad. There is 4 rooms in this house, a kitchen, small bathroom, living room and my bed room. He kept sleeping on my bed and got it all sweaty and stinky because he never takes a bath, so i gave him my bed and sewed up a little cushion for me to sleep on my big white treasure chest, even with a bunch of stuffing it hurts my hips when i lay on it. He took over my playstation2 and keeps filling up my memory card with garbage games about killing people. I think I will just go traveling soon with my friend on foot and be homeless. I went to burger king today just to get a pokemon kid meal toy and the bastards were all sold out of pokemon toys and wouldnt give me a refund so i wasted my last bit of money for nothing but a little bit of over cooked food. Im so hot I forgot what else i wanted to say.
Current Mood: hothot